Summer 2020 is the date. The “Football” edition is the newborn of the “RoboKeeper” family. Same technology, same action and same fun. No matter how fast you throw the ball or how well you aim. The “RoboKeeper Football” will intercept almost any pass. This isn‘t luck or magic, it’s cutting edge technology that makes this robot-cornerback the fastest in the world.

As seen during the “53rd SUPER BOWL” in Atlanta – in February 2019, our “RoboKeeper Football” is the perfect event module for large-scale sporting events worldwide. Its use can be temporary during a specific event or permanent inside an arena or a theme-park. “RoboKeeper Football” is also the best event module for your company because it allows you to present yourself with speed, power, precision and team play, attributes that you can use to draw attention to your products.

“RoboKeeper Football” is also a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy for teams and sponsors that want to have a direct contact with fans and customers. The “RoboKeeper Football” can be fully custom made, including the cornerback and the receiver’s figures. Its design can change either. It can be a self standing open-top booth or a fully equipped booth with extra amenities like a fan’s bar and/or a team’s store. It can be removable or permanent. Just following your requests. Additional video advertising can be displayed on the led-wall behind the goal post. Aside of the regular branding on structures, “RoboKeeper Football” allows direct marketing and sampling with players and audience around the field.